The Havening Techniques ® are an extremely quick and effective method for treating PTSD, phobias, panic attacks, grief, and other intense emotional states brought about by traumatic and distressing events. Havening is a psycho-sensory modality that helps people overcome the effects of these events by changing the way that the brain stores the memory of them. The Havening Techniques are used both to heal distressing emotional states and to develop positive ones. They enable liberation from patterns caused by fear and aversion so that clients are more free to live the life they want.

Research studies have shown its effectiveness in reducing anxiety, negative affect, social inhibition, cortisol, and blood pressure, and improving mood, brain function, and psychological health.

Havening Techniques reduce anxiety and depression: Gursimran, T., Tom, D., Gould, M., McKenna, P., & Greenberg, N. (2015). "Impact of a single-session of Havening," Health Science Journal, 9(5:1), 1–5.

Havening Techniques reduce negative affect, social inhibition, cortisol, and blood pressure: Hodgson, K.L., Clayton D.A., Carmi, M.A., Carmi, L.H., Ruden, R.A., Fraser, W.D., & Cameron, D. (2020). "A Psychophysiological Examination of the Mutability of Type D Personality in a Therapeutic Trial" Journal of Psychophysiology, 34(4), 1-13.

Havening touch reduces subjective distress and enhances mood, brain function, and psychological health:  Sumich, A., Heym, N., Sarkar, M., Burgess, T., French, J., Hatch, L, & Hunter, K., (2022). The power of touch: the effects of Havening touch on subjective distress, mood, brain function, and psychological health. Psychology and Neuroscience. ISSN 1984-3045.

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