Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction

Stress has become a bigger challenge to emotional health because of the escalating demands and multi-tasking that are common to current daily life.  The more stressors we have, the more important it is to have techniques to acquire calmness and perspective.  Oftentimes, we don't even think we have time to engage in relaxing and regenerating activities.  Yet many stress reduction practices can be done in the midst of our routines.  I work with clients to incorporate stress reduction into their daily lives.

Numerous studies have shown mindfulness to be one of the best antidotes to stress, personal challenges, and feelings of being overwhelmed.  Meditation traditions practiced for thousands of years have been secularized and used in healthcare and community centers.  These mindfulness practices involve developing awareness of what is happening in the moment in a calm and non-judgmental way, so that we feel safer and more able to observe our experience rather than be overtaken by it. 

Having taught meditation in a variety of settings and for many years, I work with clients on basic mindfulness practices that are widely practiced and very effective for emotional self-regulation, increasing awareness and insight, and cultivating relaxation and a sense of well-being.  It is part of the therapy process and also something that clients can use on their own.

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