Career Counseling

Career selection is one of the most vital parts of a happy life.  Oftentimes people are unhappy with their jobs because their work doesn't match their talents and values.   I help clients determine which careers fit best with their personalities, interests, gifts, and priorities.  Personality and career assessments make it simpler to identify these traits as well as occupations and settings that most suit them.  I also help clients with job exploration and applying and interviewing for jobs.

If there are personal obstacles stemming from past history, ambivalence about working, and competing life demands, I work through these challenges with clients so that their career direction is clear and unimpeded.  We are able to address issues that get in the way of accomplishing professional goals.  This may include building more awareness of and confidence in personal strengths, and more facility in dealing with personal challenges in the workplace.

The more knowledge you have about yourself and the more you pay attention to this knowledge, the easier it is to find a rewarding career.  Free online assessments are available on the Career Resources tab. The results of these assessments can be used in our work together.

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