Walking Therapy

Walking therapy is walking outside while conducting a therapy session. Many of the modalities and approaches used in an office setting can be used outside as well. The walking is done in a neighborhood near the office building and we decide jointly how much of the session we spend walking. 

Some of the benefits of walking during therapy are:

    • An increased sense of agency and efficacy
    • Feeling more flow and movement of ideas
    • Opening the field of awareness of possibilities
    • Connectedness to nature
    • Groundedness
    • Enhanced body mindfulness
    • Spaciousness around issues, which dilutes their intensity
    • Right and left hemisphere communication from the bilateral movement of walking, which helps with processing and integration
    • Side by side conversation creating a sense of facing an issue jointly
    • Release of stress
    • Improvement of mood, which can change perception of the topic discussed

If interested please ask Erika about the possibility of walking therapy during your sessions.

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